Patterns of Information Law

Intellectual Property Done Right

James Grimmelmann

Patterns of Information Law is the coursepack I assembled for my fall 2016 intellectual property survey at Cornell Tech. (It draws heavily on materials I used in prior semesters at the University of Maryland and at New York Law School.) I am making it freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license for anyone who would like to adopt or adapt it.

Please see the Introduction for a detailed explanation of what this book is about. In brief, here are my commitments:

If you disagree with these choices, this probably isn’t the book for you. That’s fine, and I accept it. If you see something here you want to borrow while leaving the rest alone, that’s fine too. Whatever utility, however slight, you find in these pages will make me happy.

Be warned that this casebook is being provided as-is. It contains numerous formatting errors of which I’m aware – and probably contains numerous substantive errors that I haven’t yet spotted. I hope but can’t promise to fix them when I next teach the course in the fall of 2018.s

Download Patterns of Information Law

Version 1.0 (December 2016) (79.6 MB PDF)

Version 1.1 (August 2017) (103.6 MB PDF)