IP Homeroom

Professor Grimmelmann

University of Maryland

Spring 2014

This is an informal non-credit discussion group for current events in intellectual property, information, and technology law. There are no papers or exams; we meet because we are interested in the subject and want to learn from each other. We are broad-minded about topics; anything related to any field of intellectual property; to the Internet; to telecommunications; to privacy; to free speech; or to new technologies like 3D printing, drones and robots, or personal genetic tests–it’s all fair game to bring up. If all goes well, our conversations may be a fertile source for paper and project ideas.


We meet every Thursday at noon in Room 310. Bring your own lunch.


The price of admission is keeping up with one or more of the past week’s Bloomberg BNA Law Reports and coming ready to talk about what happened that week. To browse the Bloomberg BNA Law Reports, log in to Bloomberg Law, select the “Legal Analysis & News” tab, and then use the drop-down list on the left to find the Report you are interested in. To receive any of the Reports by email, click on the “Manage Email Notifications” button on the right, then click “Set Notification” for the Report you would like to receive.

Suggested Reports of interest include:

Some additional news sites:

And some blogs:

Many of these have strong points of view. Learning to separate the spin from the substance is part of the fun.


Office: Room 231
Phone: 410-706-7260
Email: jgrimmelmann at law.umaryland.edu
Office Hours: Thursdays, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (right after the Homeroom)

Email is the best way to reach me and will generally lead to the fastest response.

My office hours are the times I reserve for student meetings, not the only times I am available. Appointments are recommended but not required. If my office hours are inconvenient for you, email me to set up another time or just drop by. If the door to my office is open, please feel free to come in.